dark_noldor's X-Men #9 - To Serve & Protect, Part 3 review

Revenge of the Nerds

I guess what seemed like a good and interesting arc story turned out to be just another batch of the same old, same old dull "let´s fight the lizards in the sewer and now Spider must battle with his mutated friends" kind of story. The characterizations of the X-Men weren´t good, the dialogues weren´t interesting, even the atempts of emulating Logan and Spider jokes and banter didn´t work. The only thing interesting in all this mess is actually the whole nerd kids that will serve as good experiments for the kind and good  furry doctor from another reality, who also turned out to be a good surprise. I like Bachalo´s art a lot, but I guess his style suffered a lot in these last few years, especially when he became the colorist, this issue didn´t pleased me at all: where´s the Bachalo of Ghost Rider 2099, Death, Spider-Man, Generation M, when his work wasn´t so rushed and dark, not it just feels like sometimes I can´t even recognizes who he´s drawing or what´s happening. And he exagerated a lot in the manga style, look at the size of Logan´s mouth!! It´s ridiculous. In a book that Cypher steals the scene, you learn the hard way that Victor couldn´t handle the heat and deliver the same quality work of issue # 7. I do not recommend this.
2.5 out 5


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