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Review: X-Men #9

The X-Men gets their hands dirty in the sewers as they discover that Spidey's foe, the Lizard, is in cahoots with an old mutant enemy.

The Good

I can think of no other artist save Bachalo who can deliver such kick ass superhero action with such flourishing artistic panache. The expressive palette he uses in the coloring just kicks up the detail, weight and texture of his already superlative work. And I was pleasantly surprised by the reveal of the old foe who returns in this issue - - it's felt like an age since I've seen him

The Bad

While I have just waxed rhapsodic about Bachalo's coloring, I will say that it's still a little rough around the edges at parts, with colors spilling past the lines of where they'd ought to be. If that's price of such inventiveness, then so be it, but I'd really love some tightening to put it up and over the top. The surprise guest's voice also didn't sound as diabolically erudite as I'm used to.

The Verdict - 4/5

The mission statement of this book seems to be about putting the X-Men against monsters totally unrelated to the mutant world. Putting aside my love affair with Bachalo's art (if only for a moment) I'll say I'm digging this book just by the merit of how it plays the children of the atom versus lizards and vampires - - creatures totally alien to the rules of their little pocket of the universe.
Posted by Blue_Shield

Good, straight to the point review. I liked it, and agree, it's nice to see the X-Men out of their "normal" element.
Posted by Nasar7

Funny you mention how good the art is; it wasn't really doing anything for me.

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