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The X-Men are training in the Danger Room of the Xavier Institute. All except one. Marrow! The X-Men try to convince her to train with them, but she declines again and again.

Gambit, currently living in Scott and Jean's old boathouse, is exercising, where he is taken by surprise by Rogue. Before they go to talk in the mansion, Wolverine welcomes Gambit back to the team, but warns him not to betray them or break Rogue's heart one more time.

Colossus and Storm take a stroll in her sanctuary where she teases him about Shadowcat, while outside, Wolverine and Shadowcat are talking as he teases her about Pete Wisdom. She also voices her concern about Gambit living in the mansion.

In Boston, Massachusetts, a strange woman is sitting the Mapparium and threatens to go after "the lovers".

Rogue had brought Gambit to Boston as well in order to have their chat in peace. They begin to argue as the strange woman is revealed and is about to attack the both of them. Mary Purcell, aka Kali, divulges that the voices that are talking to her are telling her to attack the both of them. After a long fight, the two X-Men defeated Kali, leaving her as she yells that she needs to defeat them in order to become a Goddess.

Later, Gambit and Rogue continue their conversation and try to make up. Rogue waits for Gambit to admit he loves her, and when he can't, Rogue flies away saying she can't wait forever. Meanwhile, a green smoke encircles Gambit, stopping his breath, and tells him that he can never be with Rogue again.

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