a_strondinaire's X-Men #8 - To Serve & Protect, Part 2 review

Shallow and Pendantic

No i'm not making a funny Family Guy joke with naming it this however I was thinking of American Dad (you know American Dad the show that tried to be political but said forget it and has become a phenomena ever since by mirroring the first 4 season of good Family Guy sans the forgotten good cutaways, while Family Guy tried being political for the the last 3 and never got the memo from AD about politics not being funny yet still tries to cram Macfarlane's views down our throats)  when I was giving it a two just to be generous...Any who this issue seems to be not only reflect my reviews title but seems to mirror my rant at the cthulu spawned seasons of FG.



While searching for clues on their victims and learning about their enemy the X-Men take a hard look at the differences of certain cliques in our society


My Opinion

So I decided to write the review for this issue aside from being appauled by the last issue. Don't get me wrong it's still bad but I had to tell somebody about it. So after brawling against the Lizard people under the city of LA Spider-Man enlightens the Mutants on the lizard things while coming into their own problems with the vanishing of a group of children.  Once again forget about the plot summary mentioning the detective skills (Uh yeah hi Emma's a freaking Telepath even Dick Tracy would know when he's licked).  Well the issue starts out with some buzzing Spidey banter and finally they retire to San Fran's many hotels soon we cut to our brothers in arms (Hardcore PC gamers) and major pwnage happens and were back to the X-Men settling in and once again we notice Cipher still trying to look uber badass and fails miserably.


 Now here comes my Big rant whle using there skills of critical analysis from what Emma picked up they all learn the victims are nerds, outcast, and geeks I'm assuming we all know whats going to happen now right? go into action get those poor nerds and blow those lizard people back to the bad side of the sewers (The one where the anarchist Morlocks dwell)...right right!? Wrong they stand there and harp on about how there outcast, Emma even says the kids are weak because they chose to not defend themselves, yeah says the woman who was able to let herself get tricked into reading mean things about herself. It just seems pretty rude not to mention a little off putting to your main consumers saying all you need to do to be accepted and cool is to fight back, don't just be yourself no matter what they say the paraphrased motto of the X-Men. So after more preaching about the hot button issue (have you guessed yet it's bullying) Wolverine finally takes the intiative and goes looking for the kids himself and we get a glimpse of the poor children whose fates are in the hands of The Mutant View who spectate rather then act.


So thats it thats all i'll be reading until the writer shift these issue's just seem to deal with todays cultural issues and fails miserably at trying to throw good opinions in. The art is great (Aside from Gambit looking like sleep deprivated mouse) too bad the story doesn't flow as much as the art does.



2 Out of 5

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Posted by MTHarman

Glad you decided to write the review.
Posted by A-Strondinaire

Me too I'm just a little mad that I had to re-read this to remember most of it

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