omertalvendetta's X-Men #8 - To Serve & Protect, Part 2 review

To Serve & Protect


   TL:DW- I really enjoyed the issue and the art, while it took me a little to get used to, is something I'm liking the more I see it.  Story was good, pacing was decent, but Spider-Man was written very weird, to me. At least in comparison to the current ASM run with Dan Slott.

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    No i'm not making a funny Family Guy joke with naming it this however I was thinking of American Dad (you know American Dad the show that tried to be political but said forget it and has become a phenomena ever since by mirroring the first 4 season of good Family Guy sans the forgotten good cutaways, while Family Guy tried being political for the the last 3 and never got the memo from AD about politics not being funny yet still tries to cram Macfarlane's views down our throats)  when I was givin...

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