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Marrow has gone on a rampage and its up to the unlikely duo of Storm and Callisto to stop her before she kills again. But what has pushed her over the edge? will she be stopped/ can she be stopped?  or is this the end of the newest X-man?
 This issue centers on tying up loose ends that marvel isn’t interested in and setting up what’s to follow….with that out of the way lets get into it.

Marrow (the star of this issue) is having another big tiff with Storm the goddess or weather/incompetent leader. Just as things escalate a healed Callisto shows up scolding Marrow‘s manners to her leader, Marrow is overjoyed that Cal has come to take her back from the x-men. Unfortunately that’s not the case, she tells marrow she wishes for her to stay at Xavier’s school, this shocks, terrifies and angers our child soldier. (Never a good thing)

Soon afterwords she makes her way downstairs and in a bid to fit in and make friends, who better than the man she saved from the shadow king, and the man she’s been flirting with all this time none other than corn fed Kentucky boy; Samuel “Sam” Guthrie aka Cannonball (incidentally she also has a major crush on him….so cute!?). Problem is as she’s about to go talk with him she overhears him talking to his mom back home, she sick. What’s worse he will need to leave the x-men so he can take care of her.

Marrow being the fragile rose she is (understandably), hurt by both events, and does what any child soldier who has problems expressing themselves does, she goes on a rampage in New York and assaults a few people (well she has grow a bit…… she scares them but doesn’t gut anyone, that’s a plus right?).

Since our girl is missing we have Cannonball, Storm and Callisto tracking her down. Cannonball gets closest but our marrow refuses to go down without spirited resistance. Meanwhile longtime nemesis Callisto and storm try to remain polite with each other ( even though they hate each other more than mutie haters vs. muties lol) Callisto even suggest throughout their exchange that she wishes Marrow to stay with the X-Men because she would be safer than with her, she also implies that her life is in danger but does not elaborate. Storm and Callisto also argue over Storm’s colorful history with Marrow (what with ripping out her heart and all ).

Meanwhile at Xaviers Beast recommends to Maggott that he join Generation X in at the Massachusetts Academy.

A few blocks away Cannonball finally closes in on Marrow. Once he has her cornered they begin to argue with her about the fact that she is not the only one to have experienced loss. He then elaborates on the conversation she had overheard earlier, he explains that he is not leaving the X-Men for good, but because his mother may be dying and he must tend to her while he still can. (man its such a pity these two never got together they would have been so good!)

Just as Marrow reluctantly calms down, the two officers that she beat up during Operation: Zero Tolerance (what was it….X-men #68? That review is around here somewhere) show up to arrest Marrow for the series of assaults that have occurred tonight.

Marrow is pissed at the situation and the interruption and lashes out the only way she knows……….she’s about to kill them. Right before she gives the killing blow she asks the human Officer; Cleveland; if he has ever lost anything. The officer then explains that he and Aguinal both lost respect in the NYPD and became laughing stocks, and as a result they were never able to regain their wits after she attacked them. (Ungrateful human she really should have killed you)

Cannonball then steps in and asks Marrow if she wants to still be a monster, he tells her to look at the fear in his eyes; once she does she finally understands and she agrees that she doesn’t want to a monster anymore. Storm and Callisto then arrive and counsel the police officers. While Marrow thinks of her life what it was and what it could be Callisto walks up to her and after a heart felt talk she bids the young morlock goodbye and then leaves.

Storm calms both officers down and they agree to move on with their lives and she even apologizes for their misfortunes. Storm then walks up to Marrow as she is under the tree and even though Marrow refuses to take her hand she is not as openly aggressive to her and thus they begin to repair their relationship. Cannonball then offers her a “ride” back to the mansion she happily obliges and they even playfully flirt with her asserting that he can “shake” her.

This experience has also been good to officers Aguinal and Cleveland as well as they wonder if they could go back to their old duties especially as mutants aren’t so scary anymore (they both also love ororo’s costume….guys….oh well)

From the shadows, the dark beast watches all this transpire and is glad (big ole evil grin) that Marrow is now with the X-Men for good, which is just how he wanted it.

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