roter_sand's X-Men #7 - To Serve & Protect, Part 1 review

Pure Entertainment in the Vein of Classic X-Men

Having began my subscription of X-Men (3rd series) near the end of the vampire arc, I decided that this particular issue would be a good starting point for the newcomer of X-Men core titles. Gischler is a relative unknown and newcomer in the comic industry, so, I was interested to see what direction this series would take and what kind of stories it would give us. After reading the issue, I was left with a feeling reminiscent of 90's age X-Men issues, and, in my mind that is not a bad thing, so let us examine in more detail this 7th issue of X-Men. 
What was good?
This might not be the case for everyone who reads Gishler, but I think his style of writing works really well. His dialogue and exposition reminds me of old-school Claremont or something--long, yet worth reading. On that same token, this issue actually took me a little while to read, which I also liked. I dislike when I blaze through issues in 5 minutes because (it seems) there is not enough dialogue and exposition. Additionally, I think the dynamic with the sewer teammates, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, and Spiderman (an age-old device to increase popularity and awareness in greenhorn books), is excellent in this issue. 

What was bad?
I am not really one for Bachalo's artwork. Some of the scenes are just too nondescript and "cartoon-y" for me to really enjoy them. Additionally, the cover of this issue shows the team of X-Men featured in its sewer scenes (plus Cyclops), yet it leaves out Gambit for no real reason. The cover is not even that crowded. They certainly could have fit him in there. 

What was ugly?
The consistency in a few of the renderings of characters puts me off a bit. Wolverine's mask (if we can call it that?) never looks the same in any two panels; on one, its ends are spiky, as in the cover, and in others, they are completely square. Yuck. 

What's the verdict?
3.5/5. X-Men is entertaining and nostalgic for its classic style of long dialogue, subject matter, and fun team dynamic, but is ultimately forgettable. All in all, this is some pretty good material from Gischler, though--I am impressed. He may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed this issue at least. 


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