dark_noldor's X-Men #7 - To Serve & Protect, Part 1 review

Sewers of Manhattan

It´s a great idea of marketing the X-Men as the protectors of San Francisco, because New York/Manhattan is saturated with super heroes and it´s nice that other major cities are the location of other groups too. The whole dialogues involving this franchise is great and the first pages only serve to make this idea more appealing - what sounded like "so, this comic book is going to be about Angel and Colossus saving people huh?" quickly shifted into a great and funny story. Victor Gischler knows what he´s doing and how to write our beloved mutants and he puts a great story together using mostly Emma - the fashion mutant, Ororo - the brave mutant, Remy - the funny ladiesmen and Logan - the give me a beer and let´s go do it. It just felt a little odd that the adventure took place in NY when pages before there was all the idea and movement of the mutants defending and protecting San Francisco, but other than that it was a goo beginning for this new arc story (note: other than a few remarks involving Logan and Scott you don´t have to read issues # 1 to 6 - the Curse of the Mutants - in order to understand this issue). Chris Bachalo was the original reason for me buying this issue and I have no regrets, since he does a heck of a job, he has an unique style, and I was a little reluctant at first when I saw he was in charge of the coloring too, but he delivered reall good!! But I don´t think the best here was the art as I assumed and in fact it was the writing: the dialogues and the narrative are awesome, this Victor guy really captured the essence of this X-Men and it was a fantastic read. Highly recommended!!
4.5 out 5

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Posted by Duo_forbidden

I enjoyed this issue along with #8 thanks to the guest appearance of Spider-man. This is a great starting point for this X-men series because I did not like the Curse of the Mutants arc.

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