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Collects : Generation X (1994) #11 - Uncanny X-Men (1981) #328 - X-Man (1995) #11 - Excalibur (1998) #93 - Professor X And The X-Men (1995) #02

Generation X 11 - Chamber battles Omega Red alone!

Uncanny X-Men 328 - Psylocke versus Sabretooth.

X-Man 11 - The former X-Man Rogue's sojourn is interrupted when the mysterious X-Cutioner arrives seeking revenge. Unfortunately for him Nate Grey is also on the scene and the combined might of his psionic abilities and Rogue's super-human strength is more than a match for most opponents. Meanwhile, Professor X discuses his unsuccessful meeting with a powerful new mutant with Moira MacTaggert.

Excalibur 93 -

Professor X 02 - The X-Men train in the Danger Room to improve on team work. Professor X sends them on their next mission to stop the Vanisher. Together, the X-Men stop the Vanisher and Professor X makes the Vanisher forget that he is a mutant.

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