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Collects : Generation X (1994) #10 - Uncanny X-Men (1981) #327 - X-Man (1995) #10 - Excalibur (1998) #92

Generation X 10 - Generation X welcomes thier new member, Mondo. M finds Banshee in an astral projection-like state. Emma Frost gets into Banshee's head and sees his past dealings with Interpol and Magneto! Outside, Generation X tangles with Omega Red!

Uncanny X-Men 327 - Joseph makes his first appearance. He wakes up in a church and is sent out to find the X-Men.

X-Man 10 - At last! Professor Xavier confronts Nate Grey. Find out what happens when the two most powerful minds on earth collide in a psychic battle for the ages.

Excalibur 92 - Colossus has just come back from Avalon, after having worked with Magneto there in hopes to protect mutants and perhaps convert them to Xavier's dream. He is clearly distraught, and it only gets worse when he finds Kitty Pryde kissing her recent boyfriend Pete Wisdom. Colossus attacks Pete Wisdom, beating him senseless until the team Excalibur fights back and subdues him.

After Colossus' rampage has been put to an end, he finds himself in a holding cell in Excalibur's headquarters. There he has separate conversations with Moira MacTaggert, Nightcrawler, and then Kitty about his return and behavior. Through these conversations, Colossus reflects on what happened on Avalon, realizes his horrible mistake in nearly killing Pete Wisdom, and comes to terms with things not being the way he had left them.

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