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Being Human Part 2

Overview: The end of the proto mutant saga is finally here, see what happens to the last living proto mutant and how everyone handles it.

The Good: The proto Mutant story didn't really pull me in very well to begin with, still as Wood continues to work his magic the story is very solid. I love seeing the conflict between the characters and this issues really shows that, it also shows that Storm may not be perfect. She has came across as none trusting towards Scott and almost as if she has her own motives that we don't know about, this issues she begins to show that she might have been wrong, it also shows that not all her team is 100 percent behind her. The Tension is really thick and you can feel it in the writing.

I would also like to give a shout out to Lopez, his art was good as normal and i haven't heard him mentioned much on comic vine, i enjoy it and i think he is talented really helps the book unfold visually.

The bad: The worst thing to me is more then likely not to be blamed on the book itself, but the inconsistency with the universal time flow. What i mean is now that AvX is over this story still seems to be placed before it ever began. Sure that's how these things work but it just really fills odd, i'm eager to see how marvel moves forward after this big crisis and this book is still stuck in the past. Kind of makes me more eager for it to all be over so it can catch up with the rest of the marvel u then i am eager to read the rest of the story.

The Verdict: If you haven't been buying this book shame on you. It's a Solid X men read and if you have any interest in the X men this should be on your pull list and if you haven't checked it out this issue is just as good as any to start things up (ok so maybe not but it's still a good read) I do advise anyone to check it out.

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