pspin's X-Men #36 - Human Being, Part 1 review

X-Men #36 Review

X-Men #36 Review


The team and Sabra finds a living proto-mutant.

The Good:

Brian Wood has been knocking it out of the part lately and this issue isn’t quite as good as the last few but it is quite good none the less. This issue deals with Storm and the team continuing to get to the bottom of the proto-mutant and David Michael Gray issue. Overall the issue has a great mystery feel to it and the widening rift between Storm and Cyclops is a great plot point.

The story by Brian Wood is great and it really is cool how he blends superheroes and mystery while still making it fun and not moody and depressing.

The art by David Lopez is great and a huge step up from Roland Boschi’s art. Rachelle Rosenberg continues to do a great job with the colors; it complements the pencils perfectly and makes the art just great.

The Bad:

I can’t help but feel that all of Wood’s work would read much better in trade than as single issues because he is writing a lot of two or three issue “mini-arcs” that are all part of one big story arc and it is a little distracting that there is enough separation between the end of one and the start of the next that waiting a month can get frustrating. It isn’t that it is bad, but the format seems better for trades or read in one go.

As good as the story is; the proto-mutant, named Gabriel Shepard, knows nothing about mutants or their struggles. He repeatedly mentions that he lives a low-profile life but it is impossible to believe that he doesn’t know anything about what humans do to mutants legally or illegally. Even though it is not directly mentioned, AvX had to have happened at one point, and that was global; same with things like the Genosha massacre and the general hatred and fear of mutants by the public. Over all it is something that is very hard to overlook that he knows nothing.


Another great issue from a great creative team, any X-fan should be reading this series as it is consistently great. While this issue is good there are a few pitfalls but nothing terrible. Any fan of the series and what Wood has been doing should like this and any new fan could join on here but getting all of the issues written by Wood would recommended.

4 out of 5

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