pspin's X-Men #34 - Subterraneans, Part 1 review

X-Men #34 Review

X-Men #34 Review


Tracking down the last of the proto-mutant’s DNA leads the team to a ship full of crazy people.

The Good:

The story is definitely taking a turn for the slightly more espionage, which is great because that means ore Domino, who so far has received the least amount of attention. The story gets really interesting at the end and the implications of what could happen.

***Spoiler Alert***

Even though it won’t happen, probably, it would be really interesting if Psylocke gets injected with proto-mutant DNA. It had a pretty extreme effect on the man, a human, so the effect on a mutant would be interesting. However given Psylocke’s involvement with Uncanny X-Force and Uncanny X-Men, it won’t happen and if it does, it will be for one issue max.

***End Spoilers***

Once again Brian Wood delivers a great story that has a great balance of action and exposition. This guy is on a roll.

Jorge Molina created an excellent cover.

The Bad:

The art by Roland Boschi is not my favorite. The faces look weird, nothing is symmetric (even) and it was very distracting.

Dan Brown, the colorist, screwed up Pixie’s eyes several times by coloring them like normal eyes when they are supposed to be black. This isn’t a huge deal but I like Pixie too much to not mention it.


A Great story from Brian Wood is bogged down by bad art. Still the story is promising and leaves me interested about the next issue. People who have been enjoying the series will continue to while new readers may want to seek out the previous few issue as this story spins out directly from the last one.

3 out of 5

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