pspin's X-Men #33 - Blank Generation, Conclusion review

X-Men #33 Review

X-Men #33 Review


The team faces the creator of the proto-mutants and gets a bit of a surprise.

The Good:

This story has gotten better and better. Even though it has ended there are still plot lines that have yet to be resolved. That may sound like a bad thing but it isn’t, they are unresolved in a good way because they are not major things, just little things that keep the reader interested.

Brian Wood has done a great job with this series. In previous reviews I have stated that I didn’t like Storm, Psylocke, and Colossus on the team because they are in other books but now they are used correctly and definitely a benefit to the book, my main detraction from them was that they didn’t do much and were doing anything that another, lesser used character couldn’t; but now it is plain to see that Brian Wood can use them in a good way. The dialogue is also pretty good, Domino has some funny comments about jumping out of a plane.

David Lopez’s art is as good as always, he gives the characters a distinct look and it is cool.

The Bad:

Still not a lot of Domino.

Nothing else was wrong though, this was a solid issue. (That 3.99 price tag is helping things though.)


Another solid issue from Wood and Lopez wraps up this story arc, it leaves just enough questions to keep the reader interested and still wrap up the story. This series is becoming a must read from the Blue Team X-Men (is that even a thing anymore?) and is definitely a good read for any fan of the X-men.

4 out of 5

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Posted by broo1232

Why 4 stars because of the lack of a character?

Posted by pspin

@broo1232 said:

Why 4 stars because of the lack of a character?

No to be five, the issue has to do something extra that makes the reader (or at least me) go "Wow that was excellent." To me four stars is great or above average but just missing that one thing to make it excellent this issue was great but not quite excellent. X-Men: Legacy 259, Supergirl 7 and Daken Dark Wolverine 23 are all excellent in my opinion. I usually give out 3 to 4.5, however I will say that each series is different (to me) and so I try to be consistent but there are discrepancies. If you want a better feel for my "scoring system" check out other reviews I have done from my profile. (Warning: I only review series I like so the average is a little high.)

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