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Now, if you're familiar with my reviews you'll expect the usual OP of thanks. Thank you Brian Wood and David Lopez for making this book a dynamite in only three issues, every single panel and page has been a blast, with the up-cming Marvel NOW! regime coming, it is unclear as to whether this book and it's creative team wil still be around, but i'm enjoying every moment until then, like the title clearly states, this issue was A-MAY-ZING.

Issue starts off with Storm buying Psylocke some precious time, following on from last issue, and by "buying" i mean, showing the city of Quebec that Mother Nature has an actual alias, and she goes by the name of Storm. Psylocke approaches the runaway Proto-Mutant, telepathically, and manages to get him down to her size. Back at the jet, Storm and Colossus are discussing recent happenings, it gets a little sticky and this what you would call a "character defining moments" in the midst of chaos, this is the unknown past of Mutantkind's in the hands of five (Magik) sassy females and one Russian lad. Colossus makes it more than clear that he's backing up Scott's view, he doesn't like the fact that Storm continues to hide things from the actual leader of Mutantkind, Scott Summers AKA Cyclops. We move on from that, Pixie, meanwhile, was assigned to play "friendly" with the Proto-Mutant, being the novice of the team, it fitted her most. He only spoke Russian, and to Colossus' surprise, a very old type, he takes a liking to that and proceeds to process the situation further, Storm acknowledges that it would be wise to get Illyana Rasputin's (Colossus' younger sister) take on it, much to Pixie's annoyance.

She arrives, they get the low-down on what happened to the Proto-Mutants and how they got to that state, it was terrible, like Domino added. Magik suggests going back in time to stop where it happened, to put an end to it, but we all know what happens when you tamper with the quantum-physics of time and space and...what-not, right ? Storm says no, that, and makes it clear that Scott will be in-formed not now, but soon. Magik obviously didn't get the memo and Colossus fills her in as Storm makes her exit.

Storm meets Betsy in their jet, Betsy shares her own concerns on the teams current happenings, how it's falling apart, she seems really worried. Storm, being the rock and foundation of that team, lets her know it isn't, Betsy shares some of the keen spirit back and assures Storm that she's doing the right thing in not telling Scott, for reasons that don't exactly need to be explained.

Then, we get an insight as to who's pulling the strings behind all this, Doc. David Michael Gray, a cruel, cruel man, and that is all i'm going to say, for now anyways.

The Good

Everything. The team dynamics, the concept and story-arc, the conflicts occuring in-between the instense life-changing moments, it too much to explain. This is one of the best X-Books right now, and that's happening in only three issues, to think that such a wonderful creative team such as this could have been brought up. I love how relationships are being brought back, as well as destroyed, there was a time when Betsy and Ororo were best/close friends (not as much as her and Jean, but please, read the Outback Era), Pixie still resents Magik for what she did to her, i had to laugh when i saw the little comment she made. Every single issue of Brian Wood's run holds for character moments, Storm being the fearless leader, it'll frequently revolve around her, but it's refreshing to see members oppose her, not agreeing with her sentiments and others doing so, unlike in other books, where they all just fall in line, this is a title where you'll see the X-Men at their greatest. I also like how Magik's time powers are touched on, Brian Wood isn't even her main writer yet he acknowledges that, a plus. The art by David Lopez is magnificent all way through, topped with inking from Alvaro and colours from Rachelle, what more could a comic-book reader ask for ? The guy actually makes characters look like characters other than just versions of each-other with a different hairstyle, they look and feel like real people

The Bad

Nothing really bad about this issue, other than the fact that i could with more Domino, she's one of the team-members who actually deserves to be on this team, i like her, Gischler more or less did wonders with her in the Regenesis arc of this title, so i don't see why the same can't be done under Wood's pen. That isn't to say she does nothing, but nothing of relevance. Good thing there'll be some sort of spot-light on her next month if solicits are anything to go by.


If you haven't picked this up and are a fan of sci-fi mystery, a little bit of modern history and compelling drama intertwined with gorgeous art, then you're not doing yourself any favours. This is one of the main titles where it's all at, pick it up if you know what's good for you. 4.5/5.


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