ageofhurricane's X-Men #31 - Blank Generation, Part 2 review

Absolutely speechless.

So, like, we're now in the second part of Brian Wood + David Lopez's arc of Blank Generation. Another big thank you to both them, why ? Because, true believers, they have done it again.

And, we carry on from last issue's shocking finale of Security Recon facing off against a Cthulu look-alike, it's big, really big ! The team's in a bit of a tricky situation and Colossus is knee deep with trying to keep the monster under-wraps, Psylocke, while trying to get into the monster's mind, uncovers something completely shocking which prompts her to ask Ororo for a speedy exit, but before that manages to go succesfully, the monster explodes thanks to Domino's grenade (thrown last issue) but Peter was at the centre of it all, the remnants of that monster is felt full force by Peter who undergoes some sort of "therapy" later on. Storm meets up with Sabra (whom we X-Fans haven't seen in like, YEARS.) to help man up her personal X-Jet which was lacking fuel, meanwhile a Doctor of sorts examines Peter's "condition", letting them know what was going on. While Sabra makes her exit Neena wants to ask her a question but get's closed off, much to her dismay. Pixie get's word of another monster somewhere in Quebec, Storm sends both her and Psylocke to check the situation out.

Meanwhile, Storm's checking up on Colossus who's keeping to himself, sleeping. Domino tells Storm about a certain phone call for her, Storm doesn't hesitate to imply that her role as team-leader and the teams actions as a whole haven't exactly been...of good practice to say the least. Storm answers the call and is meeted by her Mutantes Sans Frontiers friend, Dr. Hunter. They discuss the sample that Storm (last issue) gave to her, and unravel it's mysteries, i'm not even going to spoil what they figure out so we'll leave that at that. Later on, Psylocke and Pixie are at the monsters location, Pixie asks Psylocke about what she saw in the monsters mind, it wasn't good.

In the X-Jet, Storm and the rest of the team (minus Psylocke who was ordered to stay at the monsters location) contemplate on whether or not they should inform Scott about current situations. Domino more or less lashes out at Storm as to why she chooses not to, Pixie and Psylocke agree with her case, a Colossus who's somehow managed to wake up...does not, which has serious repercussions as the series progresses.

After that, Psylocke seems to be lounging around in the woods, all of a sudden she "wakes up", the monster is headed her way. She gets into telepathy mode and deciphers what it is, the "force" of the monster was seemingly too much for her to handle, it looks at her but chooses not to attack her. It's an intense moment, mainly for Psylocke (IMO). She chases for the monster as it seems to be heading for a highly populated town. And it ends there, well, with Psylocke adding that she could use some back up.

The Good

It's literally uncanny the way Wood and Lopez have been impressing me under these two weeks, everysingle page i want more. I love it. Storm's still in character and calling the shots as usual, the cover's also good but it doesn't really depict what goes on inside the book, still, it's good. Colossus was just...epic to me in this issue, his moments were really eye-opening considering what he went through. Domino's back to being the sassy and feisty female we know and love, and her questions are I LOVED Psylocke's portrayal in this, i just--it's too much to explain. She did wonders here and i can't wait for the next issue. Sabra making an appearance was also much appreciated, i also love how Wood's bringing back old flames into the series. The premise for this Dr/Mr. Grey character is another thing to look out for, he seems to be an interesting upcoming villian, also liking the role that Mutantes Sans Frontiers is playing in this, another example of Wood playing with old flames.

The Bad

Nothing really bad that's noting in this issue. My only negative's about it, is that there's alot of focus on Storm in this issue, i love Storm to death (not literally) but it'd be nice to see Wood play with some other characters, like the way he did with Betsy in this issue, but that's just me being a nit-picker.


Get this now. Yes, X-Men is the title that more or less got away in terms of good writing, but this is where things get brought back to the glory days. This is the book that'll have you on the edge of your seat. (depending) 5/5.

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Posted by Solarflare32

Only problem is the age of proto mutant DNA contradicts the existance of several ancient mutants.

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