ageofhurricane's X-Men #30 - Blank Generation, Part 1 review

This is the book you NEED to get !

First off, i want to say a BIG thank you to Brian Wood and David Lopez for everything that they have accomplished in this issue, I'm not even stretching it, the men have done a fantastic job with picking the majority of things up where Gischler left off. X-Fans, as said in the title of the review, this is the book you NEED to get !

So, the issue starts off with a flashback of some big-shot walking towards a black-plague grave site while on the phone to one of his colleagues, this colleague then tells him that he's managed to get his hands on some nifty mutant DNA, so obviously you're going to think you know the direction of this arc...not exactly. He then proceeds to explain that the DNA he found predates all the "first mutant" rubbish, it goes farther than that, the big enters the site and wears some swat gear outfit while meeting up with his colleague, but then...something goes wrong, all of a sudden he shoot's his colleague point blank while taking whatever it was that he came for, not before giving the audience a nice villianous smile.

Then we see Megan Gynn AKA Pixie (a member as of #28 of Gischler's run) flying the four corners of the Earth, more or less, this we haven't exactly seen before but you need to get the issue to get a better look, seriously. All of a sudden she lands in the Adnaman Sea in monsoon sean, then teleports herself back onto a blackbird which is apparently a mobile headquarter for Ororo's team. Then we're introduced to the rest of the roster, Storm comes in to apprehend Pixie for the cocky comment she made before, and Colossus congratulates her on how well she was doing. Later on we see Domino conversing with an away Madison Jeffries (who seems to be somewhat of a regular in this series, sometimes anyways), she heads down and we have Colossus give the rest of team (with Psylocke calmly seated below) the mission briefing. Domino seems a little amazed, scene gets changed to an abnormal looking monster wrecking havoc on a city, Colossus takes charge and knocks the monster out with one punch, Psylocke discovers that the monster was about to die anyways, Colossus suggests that they get a sample of the monster to Scott, Ororo makes that statement direct.

Scene get's changed to Domino walking in on Storm looking at the sample, they have a conversation which leads to Domino questioning Storm on her "connection" with the monster, Domino then tells Storm that the jet was headed to Scott, Storm thinks otherwise. Storm and Pixie then meet up with the Mutants Sans Frontiere, or w.e they're called, it's been a while since we last saw them but I'm glad Wood brought them back into light, Storm trusts them with the information she's given them and her and Pixie set off. Then we see Pixie, Psylocke and Domino in the lounge area which just looks awesome, but that's not exactly the highlight of this page. Ororo and Scott seem to be "skyping", concerning Ororo and the rest of them not being able to have face-to-face contact with Scott as usual, she makes it clear that if she's going to bring the mission statement of this team into light, she's going to need to be global about it. He then starts questioning her, which makes way for a stare off of the ages between Ororo and Scott, i don't want spoil what she does so i'll leave it at that. Then we see Colossus wrangling with what seems to be a Cthulu, Betsy assures him that they're on the way, they reach the scene and it's more than they expected...obviously.

The Good

Everything was good about this issue, the cover, the team dynamics, everything from start to finish was absolute gold. Wood has brought this team to it's full potential already in just one issue, Ororo's coming back into the spotlight as being the ever so fearless leader the majority of us know and love, Megan's still got a lot to learn now that she's with the big-gun's but she's getting there, Betsy's finally being portrayed correctly and she's actually of use in this series, which i like as she's a character i've got a small thing for, Colossus has more than one page of panel time, in fact, he more or less took the leadership position of the first couple of setter's which was nice, he isn't the grumpy old lug we've been getting and Domino's as funny as hell, as usual. This title is the one we X-Fan's need to be spending our money on instead of so-called "life-changing" crossovers.

The Bad

Nothing. The only negative thing i have to say about this is that i wish it could have been longer. Good thing the next issue's coming out in two weeks time. (Also, Domino isn't as..fiesty as usual, that's not to say she does nothing of relevance, but she seems a little bit too co-dependent.)

The Verdict

Pick this title up, regardless of if you never liked it before. This is a perfect jumping on point and it's self contained for the most part (but still cannon), kinda like X-Force, so you don't need to pick anything up to get a low-down on what's going on (maybe #28 and 29 as they introduce Pixie into the team, kinda). Gischler's run was favoured and he'll be missed, but Wood isn't slacking behind, he's done a good job already and i cannot wait for what he has planned next. 5/5.

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