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Collects : X-Man (1995) #09 - X-Men vs The Brood: Day of Wrath (1996) #01 - Generation X (1994) #08

X-Man 09 - The Dark Beast from the Age of Apocalypse has arrived and he wants to use Nate's immense power for his own nefarious ends. Nate Grey knows evil when he sees it and will not go quietly. However, the Dark Beast reveals a secret about Nate's makeup that will change his life forever. Includes the back-up tale "Teeth of the Storm!"

X-Men 01 - Hannah Connover has been implanted with a Brood Queen egg for some time and has been performing acts of healing in her family's traveling religious tent show. Jean Grey shares a nightmare with her and alerts Professor X to send the X-Men. The X-Men have a particular interest in saving her and her family because her father, Pastor William Connover is a husband rights activist.

Meanwhile the Brood Empress sends her Brood assassins to kill Hannah.

The X-Men arrive and Wolverine wants to kill Hannah, while Bishop postulates that she could change the Brood race's ways since there were friendlier Brood in his time.

Generation X 08 - Banshee takes Generation X to investigate what happened to Cassidy Keep. Generation X goes through some mist which takes them to some sort of "fantasy land." A fairy, Grande Dame, asks the heroes to save her world - only her prophecy was fake and Generation X must face Fin Fang Foom!

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