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Watch out Wolverine

The last issue of Curse of the mutants provided some interesting prospects.  The first, that the x-men will attempt to resurrect the volatile Dracula.  The other, that Jubilee is now a Vampire.  I didn't love the first issue of the series, but this title's really growing on me.  I think it's the Storm and Gambit one shot that did it.  Anyway, now that Dracula's head has been recovered by Namor, and his body by Storm and Gambit, the X-men are going to bring back the Lord of Vampires.   


This involves the development of two plots.  The first involves the resurrection of Dracula, while the other focuses on rescuing Jubilee.  At the beginning of the issue, Scott sends Wolverine after Jubilee, leaving out the details of his plans for Dracula. 
For the majority of the issue, we see Logan hacking and slashing, severing limbs and decapitating Vampire heads.  We do however get some insight into Wolverine's mindset, learning that he regards Jubilee as family and is willing to do whatever is necessary to save her.   Unfortunately, Wolverine is unaware that Xarus has set a trap, having Jubilee feigning distress.  When Wolverine finds and frees Jubilee from her staged position, Jubilee bites and infects Wolverine.  Wolverine is subsequently caged, with the Vampire's unsure whether the Vampire infection can overcome his potent healing factor.  Much to my surprise, wolverine breaks out of the cage, leaving us with a one liner regarding his desire for a drink.  During the course of this issue, we learn that Xarus' plan is to offer the gift of vampirism to all the x-men and unite with them against a common human enemy.  
On Utopia, the x-men join Dracula's head with his body.  By removing the stake from his heart, he is brought back to life.  After some playful remarks about the ravishing appearances of Storm and Emma Frost, Dracula asks what they want of him.  The X-men inform Dracula of their desire for an end to this invasion and the removal of the Usurper Xarus from the throne.  Unfortunately, Dracula's intentions are dubious, and he offers not assurance that the matter will be taken care of.  
A caveat worth mentioning is the development of a cure for the vampire virus.  Dr. Nemesis believes he has developed a cure, but has no way of measuring its effectiveness until it's used.    They may need to test it sooner than they think, considering the X-men are down two personnel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


      Despite this series inauspicious beginning(in my opinion), it's starting to improve.  Although I detest the idea of Marvel pandering to teenage girls and exploiting the recent vampire hysteria, this issue was really solid.  The best part of this title is the artwork.  Paco Medina's pencils are superb.  The confluence of the realistic proportions and dark coloring make for a great depiction of the X-men's current dilemma.  The writing is pretty solid.  It's not great, but it's good enough that it keeps me engaged and doesn't hinder me from enjoying the art.  The best part of this issue is probably Dracula's banter regarding the X-women.          


                 The biggest problem I have with this title is that it doesn't provide much in the way of character development. Other than a general understanding of the relationship between Jubilee and  Wolverine , there isn't much insight into any of the other X-Men.  I'm hoping this will change as the arc moves toward its conclusion.  


3.5 out of 5     
This isn't the best X-title out there, but it's interesting enough that it warrants a read.  Even if your not a huge X-men fan like I am, you should still pick this up.  The story is easy to follow and doesn't require a lot of background knowledge.   

 Next Issue:  

 It looks like Wolverine's thirsty, and for once, it's not for beer!
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