marvelguy15's X-Men #3 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 3 review

X-Men #3 Review


  As the new X-book and initial storyline keep trucking along we learn more about Xarus's plan and how he intends on expanding Jubilee's infection to others namely powerful mutants like Wolverine. Also in this issue, we have the X-Men putting Dracula back together like Humpty Dumpty. (Cyclops even says it). I really enjoye Wolverine's inner monologue about how he is going to get Jubilee back and it delved into a bit of their relationship. I never realized they were this close. I knew they were close to an extent, but tnot this much. I also liked Xarsus's speech and Dracula's interaction with Storm, Blade, and Emma. I am also geeting more into Paco Medina's cartoonish style on this book that I wasn't 100% into the first time around.(I loved hime on Deadpool awhile back though). Great issue all around though!
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