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X-Men #3 Review 0

     As the new X-book and initial storyline keep trucking along we learn more about Xarus's plan and how he intends on expanding Jubilee's infection to others namely powerful mutants like Wolverine. Also in this issue, we have the X-Men putting Dracula back together like Humpty Dumpty. (Cyclops even says it). I really enjoye Wolverine's inner monologue about how he is going to get Jubilee back and it delved into a bit of their relationship. I never realized they were this close. I knew they ...

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Vampires, mutants, oh my! Pt. 3 0

   The third issue of Curse of Mutants, and what do ya know, Dracula's ressurectio is at hand! After tensions running high, Cyclops decides it's time to play their trump card, and ressurect the king of homeness nocturni, or vampires in lamens terms. To discover how they recovered Dracula's body, you'll have to read Gambit and Storm one-shot, and Namor #1.      As the X-men await Namor to arrive with the goods so to speak, Wolverine is hot on the trail of Jubilee, not knowing that she's been turn...

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X-Men v3 Issue 3 0

In a giant sea of comics books and an almost as giant sea of X-Men books, it's easy for a book to get lost in the shuffle, to get pushed towards the bottom of your books in terms of importance. That is the case with the newest volume of X-Men, as I found myself without enthusiasm going into this book, deciding not to even purchase it due to the lack-luster second issue and overall handling of story. See, it's not that I don't like vampires and X-Men, I think it's great and goes back to a simpler...

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Watch out Wolverine 0

The last issue of Curse of the mutants provided some interesting prospects.  The first, that the x-men will attempt to resurrect the volatile Dracula.  The other, that Jubilee is now a Vampire.  I didn't love the first issue of the series, but this title's really growing on me.  I think it's the Storm and Gambit one shot that did it.  Anyway, now that Dracula's head has been recovered by Namor, and his body by Storm and Gambit, the X-men are going to bring back the Lord of Vampires.    Summary: ...

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