djotaku's X-Men #28 review

Goodbye X-Men Vol 3

I've been complaining for ages that there were too many X-Men books. Looks like I've finally been proven right. X-Men volume three is just a series of X-Men stories that could take place any time. And when it's time to cut monthly books to fit in great stuff like BKV's Saga or Hickman's The Manhattan Projects the book that doesn't contribute anything to the overall story gets the cut.

Of course, that's not my only beef with X-Men Vol 3. I haven't exactly been a huge fan of the generic plots the book has had. This issue, in which Pixie deals with a bunch of bungling Skrulls is no exception. I could see the plot twist among the Skrulls a mile away (the one that happens in Horizon Labs). (Yo, guess what - among a bunch of crooks the master mind is going to double-cross the minions who had semi-pure intentions. Stop me if you've heard that one before)

Oh well....if the story quality picks up, I can always get the trades. Marvel puts them out so quickly nowadays.


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