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Not That Impressed.

So, like, the clock is ticking for Gischlers sad departure from X-Men AKA Security Recon, well, i guess all good things gotta come to an end, right ? The issue itself starts off with New X-Man-turned-Light-turned-Fully fledged X-Man, Pixie staring up at the famous Baxter Building. Now, I'm not exactly a fan of Pixie, in fact, i strongly dislike the character, but Gischler made me renew my love for good ole' Jubilation, so, making me like Megan wasn't that much of a mission.

Security Recon #28
Upon entering the Baxter Building thanks to one of the left over Skrulls (and is is really just Gischler doing what he does best, integrating different aspects of the Marvel Universe into the lives of the X-Men, the Skrulls were one of my favorite villians, it's nice to have them back around for a while), plans go awry which forces that Skrull to go on the offensive, much to his suprise that Pixie isn't exactly the Damsel In Distress that he mistook her for. Later on, the FF (Reed, Ben and Sue.) arrive to tie up loose ends which then holds for the arrival of the rest of the Security Team (Ororo, Neena and James) who take Pixie with them as she was apparently taken hostage...this is where things get nasty. So, Reed ponders what happened back then when the REAL Ororo and co. step in to ask for Pixie, meanwhile, Megan get's herself in a notch and realizes the mistake she made when it was all a bit too late, granted, she later then get's rescued by NY's Peter Parker which makes way for a very intriguing end. 

The Good

 Compared to the majority of Gischlers past issues, there are a lot of goods to go with this one. I love, love, LOVE Skrulls, as stated before, they're some of the best adversaries to have in a story in the MU, i can't get enough of them and i love how Gischlers brought them back. Most see this title as one of the "non-continuity" spawns of the X-Verse books, but finally, after two years Gischler has proven that statement wrong, i mean, it took him some time but he's finally done it, the Skrull invasion DID happen and now there WERE remnants from it. Pixie's obviously one of Gischler's favorites, i saw that from the moment she appeared in his first Curse Of The Mutants issue, then appearing in the .1 initiative, then that FF arc, i like what he's done with her though, he hasn't gone on the road of a writer taking interest in a character then completely destroying their history/persona, etc, e.g Matt Fraction. Like he wonderfully did for Jubilation, he's managed to develop Megan into an actual X-Man, no posing and no claiming, he's singlehandedly done it, whats better is, she's a Young X-Man and for some reason the majority of X-Writers are afraid to tap into what the Next Generation of Mutants can do, Gischler obviously isn't. 

The Bad

 And with The Good comes the unfortunate bad, my only problems with this issues would be that, i don't particularly like Megan that much, it'd be better to see another New X-Man like Surge, someone who actually deserves the spotlight and attention, or even Loa or Proidgy, you know ? I liked the issue and all, but it didn't exactly seem as "strong" as it could have been, the story as a whole was great and the pacing was good too but the dialogue in-between felt weak at some parts, still. Domino and Warpath didn't say a thing in this issue when they came in with Ororo, i mean, i understand that this is a Megan-centric issue but Gischler could have sort of made the effort. Didn't exactly like the cover either, considering what was in store, having Storm there's okay because what you see is what you get, but Colossus and Magik ? They werent even mentioned nor featured in the issue, so, yeah,though, it would have been awesome if Magik was included though. Another thing, i don't like Spiderman at all, I'm pretty sure there were other usual superheroes for Gischler to choose from.


 I liked everything. The art was top-notch, Conrads touch was missed and given current sitatuations it will further be missed. Gischlers come a long way with this title, yeah, his writing hasn't exactly been "Claremont" or "Yost" level, but it was certainly a worthwhile read. He's managed to take a look at certain characters and bring them in from the background and onto the pages themselves, something most writers failed to do during his earlier days of being assigned to this title, good on him. The ending of the issue was extremely enthralling, something I've noticed that Gischler manages to pull-off nicely. Looking forward for #29, Megan Gwynn is most definitely Security Recon material, and she's making that clear. 3.5/5.

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