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Deadpool is the best part... review over

Pros: I found the dialog between Deadpool and Domino in the beginning to be pretty entertaining. Anytime you bring Deadpool with any of the X-men characters you have my attention for a bit.

Cons: This whole X-men and vampire arc is pretty stupid. X-men and vampires just do not mix at all. It is even worse when the writing is cliched and boring to bloody hell. Example:"I hypothesized I could match the phase of my mist form to match yours, allowing me to confront you physically like this." Or, "I will destroy you utterly!" The art in this book is also pretty poor- giving away awkward facial expressions to all of the characters.

Verdict: If your a fan of the X-men like me, you will stay away from this book before it bites you in the a@#


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