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X-Men # 22 (Vol.2)

Part 3 continues with The X-Men team up with War Machine. Now I wanted to get the bad out the way first. Well to start off the battle with the Sentinel. This is got to be some sort of joke. Seriously! One Sentinel with regular Colossus alone is no problem to smash into pieces. Now hear me out, Storm with two to three lightning bolts alone can wipe out a Sentinel. War Machine alone can wipe out a Sentinel alone. So who wipes out a Sentinel alone is vampire Jubilee. Give me a break ladies and gentlemen. I mean come on! The over all story was great besides the lack educated continuity on the writers view of things. What I liked about this book is that Domino kicks ass majorly in this issue. It almost felt like a X-Force issue however with Storm in command the X-Men are in check and well in the obedience of Charles Xavier view of things. I liked how the government is just over reacting on the good guys assuming everyone is all the same and there the ones with Sentinel robots mass weapons of destruction. Over all this is a good, it slumped a little in the beginning and just tab towards the end. Still though I rate this book a 4.0 of 5.0 rating.

1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below average, 2.5=pick it up a bit, 3= average, 3.5=dope, 4=good, 4.5=excellent, 5=classic

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Posted by Edgeworth_11

I think that particular Sentinel that Colossus, WM and Storm faced was the strongest one out of them all.

Posted by Scottman22

The last arc made me unsure as to whether I was going to stick with this series or not, but after these last 3 issues I know I will for the time being! While not the best issue it's still a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing the Sentinel's again!

Posted by Dj_Maximus

@Edgeworth_11: Perhaps, then the writer needs to paint the description to the readers. That is his or her job.

Posted by Dj_Maximus

@Scottman22: Very true I am still having fun myself with the series the last three issues. I do agree with you.

Posted by Edgeworth_11

@Dj_Maximus said:

@Edgeworth_11: Perhaps, then the writer needs to paint the description to the readers. That is his or her job.

Absolutely. I am gonna read that issue again. I sometimes miss little tidbits here and there and wonder if they made reference of that particular Sentinel being most advanced or not.

Posted by Dj_Maximus

@Edgeworth_11: Also with Colossus with the strength of the Juggernaut. I just don't see the problem. Juggernaut strength rates a 6 out 7 on Marvel statistics, plus Colossus has the strength rating 5 of 7 rating. So Colossus is a lot stronger than he was. So i just would see them more unstoppable than ever.

Posted by Edgeworth_11

Colossus and Juggernaut are both 100 tonners, JUggernaut is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Posted by Dj_Maximus

@Edgeworth_11: Exactly, so it just questions the writers in continuity, and the chief and editor to really learn the characters, more importantly do there job properly because they respect continuity and do it for the fans.

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