inferiorego's X-Men 2099 #3 - "Viva Las Vegas" review

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inferiorego's favorite cover no001

Yes, I know... I'm copying dmz... But, in my defense, I'm a huge fan of "someone on this cover will die" covers. Anyway, the most worthless of the team dies in this issue, female Mr Fantastic. I loved this comic as a teenager, and nowadays, not so much. But the kind feelings of a 2099 world are there. I bought the whole series thinking I'd live until 2099, in which I will be 117 years old. So I could sell these books for like $1,000,000,000,000,000. And then I'd spend the money on something awesome. Realistically, I'll be dead. And if I do live until then, I'll probably spend it all on health care, or faberge eggs. You know, the more important things in life. This book gets three stars because someone worthless dies.... Only later to come back.... Oh 90s Marvel, how you ever got yourself out of bankruptcy, I'll never know.

Posted by dmstarz

Oh, I'm flattered.  But the whole list thing is open to anybody anyway.  Look forward to checking out your favourite covers.

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