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Jump on board here! This is where it all begins! The X-Men face meltdown from within and from without... and their leader, Rogue, faces something worse. Meanwhile a mysterious strike force is taking out the few remaining mutants one by one, with ruthless efficiency. But who is the ultimate target? This special double-sized anniversary issue features a plethora of mutant guest stars, the return of several fan-favorites, and a devastating face-off against the deadliest villain team in the X-Men's forty-four year history! FEATURING THE FIRST ENDANGERED SPECIES BACK-UP STORY LEADING UP TO THIS FALL'S X-MEN EVENT!

Endangered Species, Chapter 1

Beast is very troubled by the events of House of M. Beast has done many experiments by himself and with the help of some of the best minds but only finds a dead-end. So, Beast is selling his soul to nine super villains for help in finding a cure to restore the dying mutant population.

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Welcome to the Nextgen 0

200 is often not a number many comics ever reach these days, unless you're from DC that is. With huge buzz, and a long wait, the anxiety is over, the X-men move onto reimagined territory with ish 200. After the events of House of M, nothing's ever been the same. Plus Rouge made an encounter with a dying alien race, and now carries their conciousness but ended up losing her own life in the process. Cable investigates an area left behind, until a Cajun in classic form comes back with a bit of razz...

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X-Men #200: Living up to the hype? 0

I've been waiting for X-Men #200 pretty much all of this month. When I picked it up on Saturday, I was expecting some big twists, and the issue mostly delivers. As you can tell from the front cover, many former X-Men betray the team, but I was not expecting the twist at the end. I will not spoil it for you, but another X-Men betrays the team on the last page of the story, in a way that is not expected. I would have liked to see Sabertooth in the issue, but he was MIA. I also felt there were too ...

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Mystique...are you surprised? 0

I loved the cover. It was great and the summary of who was on the cover was great too. The story was alright. I think the biggest distractor for me even from the story was the art. I am not a fan of the art. X-Men is a big book. Why not have a better artist?This book is full of traitors. Some you saw coming and others came out of nowhere. Will one of the XMen die? Maybe. The really interesting part of the book was The Beast's talk with supervillains...that was rich and I enjoyed it. Overall the ...

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