caladbolglight's X-Men #20 review

Regenesis: Stealth Team

I am reviewing all of the first Regenesis issues, so stay tuned.

The Story:

Chechen Republic: An arms deal involving a sentinel goes amiss while Domino spies on the whole deal. They spot Domino and she makes a break for it. Cyclops tells Storm to lead the Stealth Team, consisting of Psylocke, Jubilee, and Warpath to extract Domino. Colossus also tags along. War Machine intercepts the X-Men along the way, essentially telling them to pull over. War Machine tells the X-Men to turn around, to avoid an international incident. Storm acquiesces. The Governor is revealed to be somehow responsible. They reveal that they have 3 sentinels that combine to form one actual functioning Sentinel. The Sentinel wakes up and detects Domino. She fights her way out of there while Psylocke and the rest track her down. War Machine shows up, not happy that the X-Men lied to him. A small scrap takes place, in which Storm warns him that there's more to this than meets the eye. We see the Sentinel standing over a seriously injured Domino.

The Good:

This is the most serious Regenesis book out yet. The art is excellent, and the writer puts a good deal of effort into the character details, including Colossus's Juggernaut persona, Jubilee's vampirism, and War Machine's evident patriotism. The comic definitely has a certain James Bond kind of feel to it, which I definitely enjoy.

The Bad:

Now we know from X-Men: Regenesis that this team is not X-Force, but I can't really help feeling that it is, especially with killers like Warpath, Domino and Psylocke (all former members of X-Force) and with potential killers like Jubilee and Colossus. Storm seems to be the only mild-mannered one, and yet we all know that she has a hell of a temper. I worry that the Juggernaut persona will become over used in these X-Comics, but time will tell.

The Verdict:

Definitely picking up the next issue. Despite the deceptively short story, definitely an attention grabber. Recommended.

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