cyclops4president's X-Men #2 - Primer: Part 2 of 3 review

X-Men #2 "Clean-up, on Isle 2" Review

  1. Cover Art: 4.5/5

I have always been a fan of "realism" with a splash of "fantasy" when it come to my comic art. I want the proportions to be accurate, I want realistic movement, I want great expressionism, and I like a little fantasy to bring it home. Coipel does a fantastic job on this cover bringing solidarity and drama in the face of Jubilee and movement with the team behind her. I never give a cover a 5/5 unless I see some feet! I think for a lot of artists, this is a total cop-out to not draw the feet. WHERE ARE THE FEET!

2. Story Line: 3.8/5

We find that John Sublime's "twin" sister hitched a "ride" in Jubilee's little baby and has uploaded herself into "Karima", a mutant that Beast has been keeping alive and modifying with cool tech. Well, "Karima" the personality is gone and in her place is John Sublime's sister Arkea. We find out both Sublime and Arkea travel through tech, take over a host body, and when they leave that body, the original personality is long gone. This has happened to Jubilee's little baby friend, (Shogo), he has a new personality. Rogue and Kitty Pride are the leads of this story, with Rogue proving she is still a bada$$ and the tank of the team. Kitty winds up being the only person with a power set that Arkea fears, because as we know, when Kitty phases through tech, she F's it all up. Well, Arkea is held together with Beasts tech, and if Kitty wanted to, she could have "killed" Arkea. Well, she doesn't, and Arkea gets away, and seemingly sets a bomb to go off. There is little actual teamwork with the "X-Men" that Wood is representing except with Rogue and Kitty. The character development is more so with Arkea and Sublime, as we get to know them more in this issue. My only real question is, when did Jubilee get over being a freakin Vampire?

3. Comic Art: 4.5/5

I truely enjoyed the art in this book with just one negative. Storm. Everyone else is drawn with such great expression, emotion, and movement, except Storm. Her first few images are her evaluating the situation and giving orders. Without the dialogue, she looks like she is doing the "blue steel" look from Zoolander, in EVERY scene in this book. No matter what was going on, "blue steel". Coipel has done a great job trying to create realistic looks true to ethnicity, and I think he is going for this "I am a Queen and a Diety of the Storm" kind of attitude with Storm, but mostly she looks like she is high, uninterested, or posing on the catwalk for the photographers.

4. Overall: 4/5

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is an avid X-Men fan, a fan of good art overall, and anyone new who wants to just "test the waters" with this title and see if it is worth it. Well, it is worth it. I am in high anticipation for episode #3

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Edited by johnkmccubbin91

I was also wondering when Jubilee got over being a vampire, as although I've not followed her in a year or so I thought I'd have heard or read of it. Great review all the same.

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