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"I don't want to fight it"

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100 Words Or Less

Jubliee has been exposed to the manufactured vampire virus and the X-Men must do everything they can to save her. Wolverine and Colossus go vampire hunting, in hopes of capturing one alive for research purposes. Along the way, they encounter an ally in Blade. Xarus' plan is revealed, as is Cyclops' plan to stop him (at a deadly cost). But is it already too late to save Jubliee?

So Then I Said...

If you are not picking up X-Men because it has vampires and you don't like vampires because it's all the rage now, you could potentially be missing out on a pretty good storyline. Personally, I don't care at all for Twilight but I'm not going to lump everything into the same basket. If anything, it's a basket I throw Twilight out of. I am enjoying the vampire storyline in X-Men and I think it has potential to develop into something grander.
Starting with the first few pages of this issue, I enjoyed the pairing of Wolverine and Colossus. If it was some other writer at the helm, it could have been pretty bad and littered with jokes and humour in a situation where it would not have fit in. But Victor Gischler writes it pretty well. The introduction of Blade into the storyline was done well, too. I've never read any Blade, I've just watched the movies. I liked how he was portrayed in this issue. There were some good pages featuring Xarus; there's tons of plot development happening in this issue. Still, I'm still waiting for some of the other X-Men to make more of an impact. Storm helps out Wolverine and Colossus (bad ass, by the way) and we see some characters at headquarters, but there's still not much involvement from them.
I believe the content helps determine whether the art is suitable. Last issue, I said Paco Medina's art wasn't as mature as I would have liked. This issue, I found the art to be really good. I really enjoy the art in this series so far, which adds to my overall enjoyment. Adi Granov's cover will attract eyes because it's Blade fighting Wolverine but I am not a big fan of his style. I'm really glad he's not doing the interior as well. And the context of the cover is a complete bait-and-switch, which isn't cool in my books. Don't fool your readers. If you want people to buy a comic based on the cover alone, why not just put a female X-Man in skimpy clothing?

Bottom Line

There wasn't a single wasted page in this issue. Every page and every panel was worthy and I'm glad this wasn't a filler issue. We get a lot of plot development and it sets everything up for a big showdown in the next few issues. A really good issue overall, Worth It.
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