parasytefma's X-Men #2 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 2 review

In the criminal justice system, Vampires are excluded.

I love vampires. Vampires in the classic sense. A vampire for me is defined in the 1931 film " Dracula". With these X-Men comics my mind has been expanded to an extent that I can accept the great changes this run is making. While the pacing as been at a great speed, there hasn't been too much going on in the action category. I would say that the run is at the point of trying to flesh out how the character are taking this vampire "invasion". I am hoping issue 3 will bring a lot more vampire hunting and more of the problems that the X-Men (and particularly Jubilee) are facing. As been a comic book rookie, this book provides great art and great writing for someone who is just getting into comics. 
Amazing presentation and overall a great story that makes me want to travel in time to the release of the next book.
Rating: 4/5


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