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Review: X-Men #2

Blade comes to Wolverine and Colossus' aide against a puzzling breed of sunlight-resistant vampires, and he lends his consul to X-Men's greater war against Xarus' united vampire nation.

The Good   

I've made no secret of my disinterest in vampires, so the fact that this storyline's able to put enough of a spin on the bloodsuckers makes Gischler's work on this issue a bit more impressive. I'm enjoying the added dimensions to the X-mythos here. How vampires are basically presented as another breed of mutants who're angling to co-opt these mutants' impending resurgence. I also like the Cyclops' new leadership role and the hard choice he has to make about Dracula. Explanations for bring back an oft-resurrected villain yet again can run a bit contrived, but you can really get behind the X-Men's desperate motivations while still agreeing with Blade's reasonable disagreement. Actually, the character's distinct voices is another merit to Vischler work here and, as for Medina, his work is just consistently classy and cool. I'd pay to see him draw even a breakfast diner scene!

The Bad   

Blade frequently been a victim of poor taste, but I have to say that the "handlebar mustache and lightning bolts" looks he's sporting here warrants him a citation from the fashion police!

The Verdict - 4.5/5  

I'm a big fan of the Blade movies (only the first two, let me clarify) so I've always been confused why the comics have so rarely been able to capture the characterization there. Thus, Gischler's handling of the vampire hunter is all the more pleasing for getting the character right - - especially in comparison to the really "off" portrayal in Ultimate Avengers this week.
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