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Review: X-Men #2 0

Blade comes to Wolverine and Colossus' aide against a puzzling breed of sunlight-resistant vampires, and he lends his consul to X-Men's greater war against Xarus' united vampire nation. The Good   I've made no secret of my disinterest in vampires, so the fact that this storyline's able to put enough of a spin on the bloodsuckers makes Gischler's work on this issue a bit more impressive. I'm enjoying the added dimensions to the X-mythos here. How vampires are basically presented as another breed ...

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X-Men v3 Issue 2 0

Well, after a great start, I think that this book has already slipped to the bottom of my stack concerning X-Books. It's not that this is bad, because it's not. It's just not all it should be, it's not enough of a flagship (With the name X-Men it should be one of the best books out there), and it's boring. I love the art, I like the way the team is portraying the vampire threat, but with the high caliber X-Books out there, this just doesn't do it for me. But hey, I'm picky. Maybe predictability ...

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"You're All Soldiers" 0

The bulk of comic book fans I interact with either felt apprehension or outright disgust when Marvel dropped their trademark solicitations and hints that the X-men would battle vampires. I was among the doubtful, as I'm sure many of you were. It just seemed like a cash grab. The creative team here however, has done something truly great in that they have taken what has become (thanks to pop culture) a stale mythology and turned it into a compelling story. This may be a bit of an exaggeration, bu...

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X-Men 2 Review 0

     Ok, so I did not get my hands on the first issue of this new series but I did end of getting the jisk of what happened online. I'm not 100% sure about the direction of this storyline as it looks like the X-office is hopping on the Vampire bandwagon. ex, Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc. That said after reading this issue it appears it is fairly genuine. One red flag for me was the fact that the vampire talk was really quite new to me, and maybe it was too underplayed before this...

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Mutants vs. Vampires? All Right. 0

To be clear, I was dreading this story when it was first announced. The idea of going from Second Coming to a mutants vs. vampires story sounded terrible, especially with Necrosha in recent memory. But back then, I was also under the impression that this story would be much bigger than a self-contained arc in the new X-Men ongoing series. It turns out Curse of the Mutants is much better than I was expecting.  If the cover doesn't make it obvious enough, Blade joins the fray this issue. He acts t...

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In the criminal justice system, Vampires are excluded. 0

I love vampires. Vampires in the classic sense. A vampire for me is defined in the 1931 film " Dracula". With these X-Men comics my mind has been expanded to an extent that I can accept the great changes this run is making. While the pacing as been at a great speed, there hasn't been too much going on in the action category. I would say that the run is at the point of trying to flesh out how the character are taking this vampire "invasion". I am hoping issue 3 will bring a lot more vampire hunti...

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Vampires, mutants, oh my! Pt. 2 0

   The thrilling second installment of Marvel's X-men: Curse of the Mutants. With Jubilee infected by the newly discovered vampire virus, Colossus and Wolverine on the hunt for fresh vampires in hopes of finding a cure, and tensions between vampires and mutants rising, this arc is turning out to be quite the powerhouse of suspense.     Opening with a fight scene between Wolverine, Colossus, and a flying vampire, in the daytime! The twosome desperately try to capture the flying monster in hopes o...

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"I don't want to fight it" 0

Be sure to check out my review of X-Men #1.  100 Words Or LessJubliee has been exposed to the manufactured vampire virus and the X-Men must do everything they can to save her. Wolverine and Colossus go vampire hunting, in hopes of capturing one alive for research purposes. Along the way, they encounter an ally in Blade. Xarus' plan is revealed, as is Cyclops' plan to stop him (at a deadly cost). But is it already too late to save Jubliee?  So Then I Said...If you are not picking up X-Men becaus...

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Slightly Sharper Story Is Still Skippable 0

Victor Gischler puts his story into motion with an issue that balances action, exposition, and intrique, but still feels slight. Story & Script  Gischler spends more time focused on specific X-Men in this issue and manages to find their voices effectively. Wolverine and Colossus communicate most of their strategy through movement, saving speech for irreverent jabs at each other. Cyclops continues to issue decisive commands that aren't the smartest, much to the chagrin of his “army.” The va...

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