djotaku's X-Men #19 - Betrayal In The Bermuda Triangle, Conclusion review

A satisfying close

While there's no way this story arc could ever have recovered to Gillen or Remender levels, but I think it rallied well. This issue and the last one were better than the middle of the arc. Loves of good quips, an annoying "we're on too many teams joke", and a promise to work together in the future. The only bad thing is that the arc doesn't really change anything as far as I can tell. So what was the point other than buying time until after Schism?

This book is still on notice for me. I'm getting the next issue because it's part of Regenesis. Beyond that it'll have to convince me.

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Posted by ElCapitan

The point was to take your money and give you a mediocre/boring story.

Posted by ElCapitan

However, I am a sucker for F4 #1 variant covers and that cover is awesome.

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