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In the aftermath of “Blood of Apocalypse”, the X-Men are left to pick up the pieces of the world that En Sabah Nur has shattered. Plus, the mystery of Apocalypse’s fate deepens while one of his Horsemen makes a life-or-death decision.

Sunfire convinces Gambit that they are now a new breed and that they must get Polaris also a former Horseman, to join them. But Polaris is having problems of her own which the X-Men are trying to figure out. Although she cannot get over Gambit Rogue cruelly flirts with Pulse and Iceman thanks Havok for helping Polaris despite the risks to himself. After conducting more tests, the White Queen and Beast learn that whatever Apocalypse did to Polaris has resulted in some form of powers residing within her, though they are most likely not to be mutant abilities.

Sunfire and Gambit make their presence known demanding to take Polaris so of course a battle breaks out. Rogue tries to help Gambit, but he makes it perfectly clear that he only wants her to die, and begins to bash her head in. Pulse comes to Rogue’s aid, but even still, Rogue is not able to seriously harm Gambit. Sunfire tries to get to Polaris, but Lorna has awoken now, and announces that she belongs to no one, and fights Sunfire off. Sunfire decides that this was a bad idea, and grabbing Gambit, they escape without anyone having a chance to stop them. Later, Valerie Cooper informs Havok that more Sentinel’s are on their way, while Polaris announces that she is leaving to find out why Apocalypse gave her these powers and that she is going alone, leaving Havok and Iceman behind. Pulse assumes that Polaris is going to Egypt, and tries to make a move on Rogue now that Gambit is completely out of the picture, but Rogue makes it quite clear that she never wants to hear about romance ever again, and storms off. Sunfire and Gambit are soon approached about their future by Mr Sinister

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