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Are you ready for some action?! The ending to Blood of Apocalypse happens here, and does it ever happen! X-Men are lost, battles are won, heroes are reborn, and some villains are still evil! You will not want to miss this! Introducing two brand new Sentinels!!! Also features a bonus 5-page back-up story of the Horsemen! Part 5 (of 5)!

Apocalypse orders Pestilence to go and spread her plague, while the New Avengers attack his Sphinx. Several of the X-Men - Havok, Rogue, Iceman, Cyclops, Mystique and her ally Pulse - arrive along with the two new Sentinels and engage in battle also. The heroes manage to pull the Sphinx down into the East River, and the X-Men make their way inside, battling Apocalypse, Death and War - until Ozymandias returns and kills War. At the Xavier Institute, Sunfire, somewhat stronger, learns of Apocalypse’s whereabouts, and leaves, arriving at the Sphinx when Pulse manages to use his powers to neutralize Apocalypse, and Sunfire attacks his one-time master, before leaving with Death. However, Apocalypse escapes into another part of the Sphinx, where he prepares to destroy the Sphinx and everyone in it. The X-Men try to stop him, but Apocalypse blasts himself out through a rift in space. In the aftermath, Wolverine finds Polaris, barely alive, until Havok breathes life into her, despite the risks to his own health. Sometime later, Rogue walks hand-in-hand with Pulse, wondering why Sunfire took Gambit, while the White Queen informs Havok that he saved Lorna’s life, and gives him something to drink to cure his cold - something that is most likely to be the Blood of Apocalypse.

Blasted from his Sphinx, Apocalypse remembers how he “built” his Ship, and his encounter with the cosmic Celestials, who granted him power, but not without putting him in their debt. As he floats along space-time, wishing for death, he is greeted by that same Celestial, who informs him that it is not time for his death, but it most certainly is time for something els

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