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When his people need him the most, he shall return! Lord Apocalypse is here to lead mutantkind into the future of the earth and only the strongest can survive! Plus, just wait until you see his new Horsemen! Even we were surprised!

Gazer is “rescued” from the emptiness of space by Apocalypse, then forced to fight the Egyptologist responsible for finding Apocalypse in a death match to see who will become his Horseman, War. Dr. Foster is winning, until he is slain by Ozymandias, who holds Gazer in his debt. While the new Pestilence goes about absorbing various deadly diseases and bacteria, Apocalypse travels to Aspen where Sunfire is recovering from the loss of his legs, and offers the former X-Man a chance at renew life. At the Xavier Institute, Pulse reveals to Rogue that he has the power to disrupt another mutant’s powers, meaning they will be able to touch, while Mystique asks Gambit if he will ever give Rogue the chance of being happy. To everyone’s surprise, Havok returns without Polaris and reveals that she is missing. Iceman argues with him until Apocalypse’s Sphinx appears over the Institute hovering.

meanwhile Sunfire is chained up and regrets accepting Apocalypse’s offer. He is about to be taken to Apocalypse by Ozymandias, but he knocks Ozymandias out and begins to escape, only to hear someone screaming. It is Gazer, being transformed into the Horseman War. Sunfire then has an important decision to make - will he go back to rescue someone he doesn’t even know? at the time he lost his legs

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