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When the X-Men traveled into space, Lorna Dane, a.k.a. Polaris, saw something that has haunted her mind for months. What was it that she saw? Is it a new danger that threatens to tear the mutant world apart? It’s time to solve this mystery, whether Polaris wants to or not.

Havok and Polaris leave the X-Men following the revelation that Lorna no longer has her powers. Iceman tries to follow them but Cyclops and the White Queen stop him. Three weeks later, Alex and Lorna are in Puerto Benito after travelling to various other places in the world. Lorna concocts new back stories for them and they befriend an elderly couple. Alex tries to convince Lorna to come back to the Institute, but reveals that he wouldn’t be anywhere without her. In space, Gazer is sick, and something strange happens when the creature he has been watching vanishes - his companion “Phantom Torso” appears to be gone also. Back on Earth, the elderly couple are attacked by members of the Sapien League, until Havok battles them and they retreat. Alex and Lorna then begin to leave Puerto Benito, but on their way, they see something fall from the sky - and Lorna knows that it is what she saw in space. Upon closer inspection, they discover some sort of green bulbous shaped creature. Meanwhile, the members of the Sapien League contact their leader, the Leper Queen, who is visiting the grave of her daughter, Lucie Page, whom was killed by mutants at age two, and the Leper Queen orders her followers to keep track of Havok and Polaris, and that she will be there as soon as she can.

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