djotaku's X-Men #18 - Betrayal in the Bermuda Triangle, Part Three review

Not as Bad as it Could Be

The previous books in this story arc (after the first one) were so bad that my brother refused to even pick up this issue.  I definitely saw this arc (plus the fact that the book seems to have morphed in to X-Men teamups) as being the biggest reason I was going to drop this book from my pull list and just pick up trades of whatever stories seemed good.  So it's somewhat faint praise to say that this book was better than the previous ones. 

I have to say that a lot of that goes to Doom having a more prominent role in this issue.  There's also some petty bickering between Reed Richards and Dr Nemesis which is WAY better than the bickering between Scott Summers and Emma Frost. 

It's not a very strong issue and a lot of it feels like filler, but at least it was enjoyable this time around.  I'm probably going to stick around with X-Men until the Regenesis storyline plays out and then dump it.  (Unless it suddenly gets really good)

Get it or don't.  I could be wrong in the future if they rescue the people who were stuck in this world and they turn out to be important, but as of now it's a pretty forgettable story.

Posted by ElCapitan

So what about that cliffhanger? Does Doom stay evil? Is Doom really just running the long con?

Posted by djotaku
@el33tcapitan: At first I was going to say that Doom was messing w/ the people who live there and actually working with the FF and X-Men.  After all, that's what happens in this issue.  However, this is Doom we're talking about so it's entirely possible he's playing BOTH camps and will come out on top in the end. 

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