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With their world having been turned upside down by the events of House of M, the X-Men find themselves at their absolute lowest. However, it looks like help has arrived, from the most unlikely of allies! Part 3 (of 3)!

Iceman discovers he still has his powers, which surprises his teammates, while Polaris is still without hers, but is still doing her best to fight the Sapien League. The Sentinels who are now protecting the X-Men come to their aid during the battle against the Sapien League, and Cyclops expresses his dislike of this to Valerie Cooper. Val explains to Cyclops that it is for the protection of the few mutants who remain. Outlaw and Peepers arrive at the Institute, seeking refuge, and are attacked by the mysterious Leper Queen, though they manage to survive. When the Sapien League retreat, the X-Men gather to discuss the return of Iceman’s powers, and the White Queen explains that Bobby never lost his powers, he merely willed them away, so to speak. Polaris asks if Emma can help her get her powers back, but the White Queen explains that it isn’t that simple. Bobby was seemingly unaware that his girlfriend lost her powers, though the others had already figured it out. Lorna realizes that without her powers she has no place at the Institute and reminds everyone of her ordeal in space, and reveals she feels whatever she saw in space is heading for Earth, and that she is going to be there when it lands. Iceman tries to talk her out of it, until Havok tells Bobby to stay away, and announces that he will leave with Lorna. Meanwhile, Mystique and her friend Augustus a.k.a. Pulse do a little thieving, and Raven reveals to Pulse that he of all the men she checked out has the best chance of making her daughter Rogue happy, meanwhile in Egypt, the archaeologist who fell through the ground discovers Apocalypse lying in his tomb

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