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HOUSE ARREST Parts 1 & 2 (of 3)

Something’s amiss at the House of Xavier! A sneak attack forces the X-Men to re-evaluate just who their friends are, and to align themselves with former enemies! The Xavier Institute will never be the same.

Valerie Cooper agrees to keep Polaris’ secret that she apparently not longer has her mutant powers, while Iceman also seemingly powerless, searches the woods for her. Valerie informs Cyclops, Havok and the other X-Men that the Sentinels are here for the X-Men’s protection, and introduces them to Alexander Lexington, the leader of the Sentinel Squad, the men and women who control this new generation of Sentinels. The X-Men are seriously unimpressed about this, but some of the Sentinel Squad aren’t too keen on the idea of protecting the X-Men either. Meanwhile, also in the woods is the Leper Queen and the other members of the Sapien League, who launch another attack on the X-Men, forcing them to accept Valerie’s offer to help them. Bobby finds himself in more trouble when the Sapien League find him, and the Leper Queen prepares to kill him, however the White Queen picks up Bobby’s distress and alerts the X-Men to his plight, while she does something to him…and to the Leper Queen’s distress, the mysterious villainess finds her arm covered in ice. As the X-Men arrive on scene, they see a confused Bobby once more in his ice form. Meanwhile, in Egypt, an Archaeologist stumbles into a hidden chamber at a dig site, and is greeted by a mysterious shadow on the wall, while at a space station, Gazer realizes he too has lost his powers, and converses with the mysterious "Phantom Torso", before the mysterious green thing he has been trying to make contact with comes into view on his screen.

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