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Parts 1 of a 4-part crossover with BLACK PANTHER! The X-Men travel deep to the heart of Africa to investigate reports of strange, mutated animals roaming wild near Wakanda. But what happens when their discoveries lead them to the King of Wakanda himself—T’Challa, the Black Panther?! This issue leads into BLACK PANTHER #8!

Strange happenings are going on in the turmoil-ridden nation of Niganda in Africa, including the appearance of apparent mutant animals, one of which kills a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter on camera. The X-Men, including Storm, journey to Africa to investigate. Storm recalls her childhood in Africa and when she was worshipped as a goddess, and wonders why she is not happy to be returning. The X-Men are then attacked by giant mutant crocodiles, and Havok and Polaris team up to stop them, they both seem to be happy working together, while Polaris’ boyfriend Iceman is not. Havok gives the team orders, but Storm flies off on her own, telling Havok that she would appreciate him not telling her what to do. Wolverine follows Storm and the come across a wicked general who is killing innocent people. They manage to save a woman and her child, and Logan sends the general to his death. Rogue and Gambit continue to argue since their break-up, while Storm wonders why she is chasing after mutant crocodiles when there is so much suffering on this continent. After obtaining some information from the woman she saved, Storm and the others arrive at a place called “the Factory”, where people who started working here went missing from. Searching the factory, which Iceman believes is a monster factory, the X-Men soon come across Black Panther

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