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Gambit and Rogue’s tumultuous relationship reaches its ultimate breaking point! Will Gambit give in to his desires and find love in the arms of another woman? Also, the X-Men consider a new member – one of their greatest foes of all time! Part 3 (of 3).

Mystique contacts an associate as she is currently breaking and entering and asks for another “fix” , but her associate is unable to, and warns her that she best be careful the telepaths at the Xavier Institute don’t pick up on what she is up to. Gambit informs Rogue that Foxx is leaving the Institute, so Rogue goes to see her off - until the White Queen, Havok, Iceman and Gambit come to prevent her from leaving - as Emma has discovered Foxx isn’t who she claims to be! Mystique drops the disguise, surprising everyone, especially Rogue, except that Emma telepathically learns Gambit isn’t surprised - that he already knew. Rogue argues with her boyfriend about this, as Mystique prepares her getaway, only to be stopped by Havok, then Gambit, the two engaging in a serious fight. Rogue breaks them up using her new fire powers, and Mystique reveals that she couldn’t resist in showing Rogue what a loser Gambit is, and that she wants to join the X-Men, as it has been some time since she last worked with a team. The X-Men deliberate Raven’s request after they put her in a containment cell. Rogue wants her thrown out ASAP, but Polaris thinks Mystique should be given a chance to present her case. Emma decides that this involves the other X-Men, and decides to contact them so everyone can be a part of the decision making process. Gambit tries to talk to Rogue, who wants nothing to do with him. Emma reveals to Cyclops that she couldn’t probe Mystique’s mind properly, while Rogue confronts Mystique alone, asking her if she “gave herself” to Gambit. Meanwhile, Havok continues to pester Polaris about what she saw in space, but Emma refuses to enter Lorna’s mind. Havok wonders if what Lorna saw in space is having some effect on the Institute after Emma mentions the telepaths have all been a little “off”. Havok then admits to Lorna that he still loves her, that he made a mistake in leaving her for Annie. But Lorna replies that even if she still felt the same way, she couldn’t go back to him, for it would upset Iceman so much and she reminds Havok that he broke her heart in two.

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