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A new student has arrived at the Xavier Institute. She’s sexy, sassy, and has the hots for Gambit! Will Gambit be seduced by this little Lolita, or will Rogue do the unthinkable to keep her man?!

Gambit wakes up after dreaming that he and Foxx did indeed hook up in the shower room. Rogue, who is sleeping in the bed beside Gambit at the White Queen’s suggestion, wakes up and tries to get Gambit to talk about his “nightmare”, but he refuses. Gambit and Rogue have another telepathic therapy session with Emma, but as they are about to kiss, Gambit no longer sees Rogue, instead he sees Foxx and breaks the link, Rogue soon realizes who it is he saw - Foxx - someone he can actually touch. Gambit takes his squad away on a field trip, which results in Foxx trying to seduce him some more, but the rest of Foxx’s squad are on to her, but Foxx denies everything, which ensures a fight between her and Bling. The boys Flubber, Onyxx and Rain Boy confront Gambit, but he just tells them to mind their own business. Upon returning to the Institute, Gambit finds that Rogue has moved out of his room, and after searching the Institute for her, he finally finds her, only for Rogue to suggest that perhaps he does get involved with Foxx, after all, he will be able to touch her - but Gambit claims that he doesn’t want any other woman. However, later that night, Foxx is in Gambit’s room, trying to seduce him again - until she reveals herself to be Mystique. Mystique explains that she is here in the interest of her daughter, and suggests to Gambit that he has some physical release even though Mystique is slightly disturbed by the idea of it herself. However, after transforming into Rogue, she and Gambit move closer together. Meanwhile, Havok enlists Nightcrawler to help him find out what it is that Polaris saw in space - but Lorna is keeping a secret not telling anyone, claiming that she still doesn’t remember.

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