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A new student has arrived at the Xavier Institute. She’s sexy, sassy, and has the hots for Gambit! Will Gambit be seduced by this little Lolita, or will Rogue do the unthinkable to keep her man?!

A young mutant girl dubbed Foxx finds sanctuary at the Xavier Institute after being chased , which leads to Havok and Emma deciding which squad to put her on, Alex wanting her on Iceman’s, while Emma wants her on Gambit’s, both pointing out that this girl may cause trouble for either Remy or Bobby. Foxx is introduced to Gambit and her squad-mates, and asks Gambit if she can have one-on-one lessons to catch up on what she has missed out on, which Gambit refuses. In telepathic therapy, Rogue and Gambit attempt to have sex, but even in the mind, Rogue’s powers absorb Gambit, and he ends up nearly a withered husk, though Emma slowly brings him back to normal. Foxx informs Rogue how much she admires her, but Rogue isn’t interested, and when onyx tries to get to know her, Foxx spurns him. After his recovery, Gambit seems to take his frustrations out on training his squad, and later, in the showers, Foxx practically throws herself at Gambit in the steamy showers, were she tries to seduce him. In a conversation with Wolverine, Rogue is rather confident that Remy would never cheat on her. Meanwhile, Havok bothers Polaris about what it is she saw in space, but Lorna claims she cannot remember - or doesn’t want to remember. Iceman tells Havok to back off, until Lorna asks her past and present boyfriends to stop talking about her like she isn’t around. Iceman also encourages Lorna to speak about memories she may have with Havok, claiming he is not jealous.

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