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Their Powers Are Mental

So you know those floating alien dudes with huge, veiny, brain-like energy emanating from their heads and eyes? Their powers are mental. I’m so glad that Victor Gischler felt the need to tell us readers that the other species of Kaddak has telepathic powers.

For that matter, why are there two species of Kaddak? Why are there three species of sentient alien in this dimension? Why is this all so unnecessarily complicated? How many different elements are already in this book? Do we really need two variants of the same alien on top of the other conquering aliens? I’m harping on a small point, but it’s endemic of the larger problem with this book. None of it is cohesively written.

There’s plenty of writing. Too much writing. Why show us that Pixie can’t teleport into Kaddak territory when you can have her tell us that she can’t? Why show us that there are mental barriers in place at Scorpius land when you can have Emma tell us? Not to mention the example I'm mocking with my review title. I harp on this point a lot, but comics are a visual medium. Writers cannot forget that.

The art’s not that impressive either, for that matter. Jorge Molina’s faces, particularly Emma’s, come out looking awkward and strange. Every other aspect is passable, but not impressive. Nothing in this book really wows me.

Also, can someone tell me why we’re supposed to be impressed that Reed discovered unstable molecules? As far as I can tell, their only real use is to make their costumes change colors, but Marvel LOVES telling us all about how smart Reed is for inventing them. Congrats?

You’d think that the book that gets branded with the X-Men name would be a lot higher quality. Instead this just feels unnecessary. I’m reading this book because I love the FF (and their presence is the only redemptive force), but even that’s barely holding on for me anymore. Don’t bother with this book this week.

Posted by Daycrawler

Yup, completely agree with these comments. Plus, yet another butt-ugly alien warrior race with no mercy (Breakworld anyone?). Recycled ideas! Think I'll be dropping the title after this are. 16 issues in and most of it has ranged from terrible to just about entertaining.  Think I'll drop this in favour of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Posted by ElCapitan

@Daycrawler: I'm with you. Despite my desire to see stories finished, I don't think I can tolerate much more of this.

Posted by djotaku
At first I was confused with your third paragraph because that's the opposite of what you usually call for, but then I realized you were being sarcastic.
@Daycrawler: I'm with you.  After this arc I'm dropping it and I'll get TPs of whichever stories are good

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