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GUEST-STARRING THE FF! The X-Men and the FF have gone through a portal in the Bermuda Triangle and are stuck in a strange land complete with Dinosaurs, Mayan Temples and strange snake people! It’s up to Reed Richards and Dr. Nemesis to get our crew back home, which isn’t the problem as they are two of the biggest brains in the Marvel U. The problem is that a portal to our world is exactly what the evil forces of this land want!

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Aliens, Skull Slayer, and Rainbow Dinosaurs, oh my! 0


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X-Men + Future Foundation = Lots of Fun! 0

In the last issue of x-Men, Victor Gischler set up his story arc featuring members of the X-Men and the Future Foundation teaming up and crossing the dimensional barrier after receiving a distress signal from Cyclops' old flame Lee Forrester. X-Men #17 has the team split in three different directions, two groups searching for Lee while the the other stay behind trying to repair their ship and reconnect the dimensional portal.  Personally I'm having a lot of fun with this arc. Whether it's the c...

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I just couldn't care 0

After the excitement of the FF and X-Men teaming up wears off, what’s left?   Unfortunately, not much.   There’s a fun moment with the blondes being catty, but other than that this issue just didn’t do it for me at all.   The twist was only a twist because I’d elected not to read the story’s title.   The story does seem to be setting up for a neat battle, but I’m kinda left not caring.   I don’t know what it is that caused me to go sour so quickly, but the story just seems so blasé.   Maybe it’...

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