keith71_98's X-Men #15 - First To Last Part 5 review

Satisfying ending but it should have been more.

X-Men #15 brings the conclusion to Chris Yost's roller coaster "First to Last" story arc and while the ending is fairly good, it's not completely satisfying. The last issue ended with a riveting cliffhanger of sorts found in the question "What have you done" directed at Cyclops. Unfortunately that question's answer isn't as profound or controversial as the buildup and neither is this finale. 

Yost should be given credit for his creative approach to telling his story. He's telling two stories that have converged during the last two issues and there's some genuine and significant new information given about the X-Men's past that could be built upon in the future. And while the past and present stories do meet with a reasonable amount of clarity, as I read this issue I found myself constantly waiting for something bigger and better. It's certainly not a bad issue or a bad series but it didn't feel as though it lived up to it's potential. 

Medina and Talajic continue to split the art duties with one handling the past and the other the present day work. While their artwork isn't horrible, it's seemed to have digressed as the story has moved along. This issue had some interesting panels and the Evolutionaries look really cool. But many panels look cluttered and the characters look even more stylized that before. There are some snazzy looking action sequences and some crisp, vibrant colors. But as a whole I wasn't that impressed with the look of this issue. 

"First to Last" has been an arc that's certainly worth reading. But it's also one that feels like it could have been more. Yost's mode of storytelling is layered and creative and, for the most part, he pulls it off. But I still found myself wishing for more.


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