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Review for X-men #15

  A very well done ending to a good story-line, although it may be a little hard to follow at times due to the two different times in this story.
I enjoyed this one, it revealed a lot about Emma Frost that we didn't really know. It also showed what lengths the team leaders and members would go to, to protect humans, even though they are very different. The Evolutionaries can be quite the villain at some points, at other times they seem like they are doing what is necessary for the survival of mutant-kind.
This story most flourishes near the end, as it shows the love that Cyclops and Jean Grey had prior to this.
Most of the other characters besides Cyclops, Emma Frost and the Evolutionaries don't play much of a role in this book, only a few of the others have about one or two lines of dialogue throughout the book, while it feels a bit odd, It's a definite read.


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