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The cover of X-Men 14 is a bit misleading, considering Cyclops is in suspended animation during the issue, being transported by Mr. Sinister to the MLF.  Additionally, this issue suffers (though only slightly) in that it has to be a joining episode of a multi-part story arc essentially acting as the set-up issue to the exciting second part of the battle between the X-Men/X-Factor unit and X-Force teams, completed next in X-Force 16.  Since it is a set-up issue, we have a lot of travelling panels, "here's what we're going to do next" conversations, and rapid oscillation among the various plot threads and teams involved.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, for the overall story, but it does diminish the enjoyment of this particular issue qua issue; however, some of the brief character moments make this issue worthwhile and surprisingly enjoyable even for a transition issue.  Havok's internal struggles over confronting and capturing X-Force are a great touch, elaborated on further in X-Force 16: he works for the government, but he is still a part of Xavier's dream.  The discussion of said dream is also one of the better moment in this issue, as Wolverine (ever the cynical one) intimates it might be time to give up on the "dream" and realize it is all a "nightmare."  Having to attack their former pupils (for attempting to assassinate their mentor, no less) certainly adds to the uncertainty of this time in the X-Teams' existences and personal lives.

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